Middle East E-commerce Overseas Warehouse

    (1) Introduction of CITITRANS's Overseas Warehouse

    CITITRANS's overseas warehousing services have been fully upgraded, and new services have been launched. The self-developed WMS, OMS, and TMS systems have met cross-border e-commerce sellers’ needs including warehousing, quality inspection, shelf-up, storage, removal, packaging, receiving orders, and parcels,.Sorting, reviewing, shipping, etc. All logistics and distribution for full monitoring. Through bar code control technology and wireless device data collection, we provide inventory dynamic reports to customers from time to time, improve storage space utilization, and ensure that sellers have sufficient inventory to support future sales. 360° no dead angle monitoring ensures safe and worry-free products in the library.



    (2) Overseas warehouse function

    Overseas warehouse 

    (3) Advantages of overseas warehouses

    1. Merchandise obtains higher exposure and flow, shortens delivery time, reduces logistics costs, enhances buyer's shopping confidence, and enhances product competitiveness

    2. It can reduce logistics disputes, increase the yield of order signing, shorten the collection cycle, and expand the overseas market.

    3. Localized logistics, return and refund services, etc., to achieve worry-free trading, improve the buyer's shopping experience, and increase the repeat purchase rate

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