COD currency settlement

    COD is the English abbreviation of Cash on Delivery, which means cash on delivery .

    The market with strong demand for COD logistics model has a common feature, that is, the local network and infrastructure such as payment and logistics are relatively backward. In particular, payment methods, in Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries, online banking and mobile payments have not even spread. There are as few as dozens of companies in the Chinese market to hundreds of companies that can provide air service from China to the Middle East and Southeast Asia. However, many companies have become a major problem in the delivery and collection of goods after the goods arrive at the local area.


    Because COD cash on delivery has certain risks. For sellers, if COD cash on delivery is selected as the main payment method, the return rate is often higher, the returned goods need to be reorganized and stored.The processing cost per business will be as high as $10-20 which include the cost of COD collection,the stolen goods and the risk of refusing to pay. In addition, it should be noted that the customer chooses the COD cash on delivery business model and needs to cooperate with the overseas warehouse management system.


    CITITRANS has 18 years of logistics experience.We have not only self-built e-commerce overseas warehouse(about 20,000 Square meter), terminal delivery and bilingual customer service, but also have our own operation team in the Middle East, Mexico, Kenya, Southeast Asia, localized operation of the destination country, who are squat Local rules to effectively capture costs and risks.


    CITITRANS currently includes two types of COD:

    Traditional COD: The export company will hand over the customer's order to CITITRANS, and the state will provide air and sea door-to-door service. After the goods arrive at the destination country and successfully delivered to the customer, CITITRANS will collect the payment from the customer and finally return the money to the export Enterprises, which help  solve the problem of difficult collection and high risk for export enterprises.


    SOUQ and other Middle East local e-commerce platform currency settlement: foreign customers first place an order on the e-commerce website, and CITITRANS will deliver the goods to foreign customers, then collect the payment and freight on the spot, and finally return the payment to the e-commerce Seller.


    The repayment period of SOUQ is 15 working days after the receipt of the goods, and the payment is released according to the order.The preferential payment period is 3 working days after the goods are signed when using FBS service.

    (For specific charging standards and precautions, please consult  kelly TEL(Wechat):15986699557;QQ:373379994)

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