Middle East company registration

    The Middle East market is recognized as one of the world's largest markets with the greatest growth potential. Most countries in the Middle East belong to emerging economies and developing countries. Many countries are in the initial or accelerated stage of industrialization and urbanization, and infrastructure such as energy, communication and transportation. The demand is large.


    In the Middle East, the most stable and economically diversified and relatively fast-growing region is Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


    As a logistics center linking Northeast Asia and North Africa, Dubai is a Necessary place for Chinese companies to explore the international market. As a result, more and more companies have chosen to come to Dubai to registered a company, based in Dubai and radiate the entire Middle East market.


    In the UAE, there are three types of companies:the Free Trade Zone Company, the Dubai Local Company, and the offshore company. The local company must require the local guarantor as the company's major shareholder, and the offshore company will not provide any local visa. As a foreign investor, it is recommended to register a free trade zone company, because the free trade zone company can be a lower cost and a relatively large return.


    The Advantages of Registering Free Trade Zone Company

    1. 100% shareholding rights: You don’t need to find a local guarantor, you can hold 100% of the company's equity and decision-making power, and the free trade zone will protect your rights;

    2.100% income: in the free trade zone, do not need to be plagued by various taxes, all income income can be put into their own accounts;

    3. Capital and profit 100% can be transferred;

    4. There are no complicated procedures for accounting, auditing, etc.;

    5, the procedure is simple: some free trade zones do not need to actually come to Dubai, you can apply for a previous entry stamp or visa application, some free trade zones can even apply online without the entry stamp, and do not need annual review report.


    The process of Registering for the Middle East company

    Documents and steps of requiring for natural person registration

    1. A color copy of the passport for the natural person is included with the passport signature page and a 2-inch photo.

    2. Prepare the name, phone number, and email address of the natural person (try not to use QQ mailbox) and home address.

    3. Prepare the three names of the newly registered company for review of the nuclear name.

    4. Confirm the shareholders of the new company?

    5. What are the general managers, directors and secretaries of the new company? (The same position is recommended for the three positions.) If the company registrant wants three positions, the legal person, the director, and the secretary's passport are used for the fair certification.

    6. Clarify the company's business scope.

    The above six articles have been collected.

    7, our company is ready to register the company's relevant documents to fill out the waiting for face-to-face.

    8, the data can be obtained through the following company information

        Business license, company charter, company structure, equity certificate, company good certificate, bank account opening letter, establishment card and other related company documents.

    9. Prepare the account by preparing the above documents.

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