Thai line

    1. Product introduction

    In response to the growing cross-border logistics needs of China-Thailand cross-border e-commerce,CITITRANS has developed the China-Thailand logistics line: B2C landline, B2C airline, and warehousing services for various cross-border e-commerce parcels, including COD mode (collection of goods) and non-COD mode. Chinese seller customers can choose different channel products according to their needs.

    Land Transportation BC Line --- Double Clearance Tax, 7-7 days for signing

    Air transport BC line --- double clear tax package, signing time limit 5 - 7 days

    Thailand warehousing service---receipt receipt, secondary sales

    2. Value-added services:

    After-sales customer service (assisted handling of problem orders,return and refunds), COD collection of goods, returning the second labeling, forwarding and reassignment, secondary sales.

    3. Thailand's special line product advantages

    Advantage 1

     It can provide local after-sales customer service. The customer service can handle the feedback of the problem pieces, assist the return of the refund to the buyer, and reduce the adverse effects of the buyer's complaint.

    Advantage 2

    The channel is stable and the time is fast. Strategically cooperate with a number of local Thai express delivery companies to reduce intermediate links and maximize delivery timelines.

    Advantage 3

    price concessions. The company's strategic increase, the maximum price to the seller customers.

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