Mexico Line (support FBA)

    (1) Special line introduction

    The Mexico Line is the "Air transport plus delivery" line dedicated to the integration of itself and overseas superior resources. The first flight is scheduled to fly to Mexico. After the local customs clearance is completed, the local famous express company will be responsible for the last mile delivery. In the end, the time is fast and the price is favorable.


    (2) Line process

     Mexico Line (support FBA)


    (3) Advantages of the special line:

    1. Fixed space to fly directly to Mexico City, no warehouse

    2. DDP duty-paid service, pre-paid VAT fee does not require secondary clearance

    3. Full tracking, aging 6-10 working days

    4. End delivery and quality service providers, service quality is guaranteed

    5. Can provide three door-to-door delivery services, which can be picked up, resent, forwarded, reassigned

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