Dubai Bonded Warehousing and Distribution

    The Dubai branch of cititrans has been rooted in Dubai for ten years, constantly improving all aspects of logistics, and truly making logistics simple. In combination with the difficulties encountered by local Dubai customers in warehousing and distribution, the Sharjah Warehouse and Distribution Center came into being and became the first Chinese-owned logistics distribution center in Dubai.


    As the first person to deepen the Middle East market,CITITRANS constantly explore and work hard, and the distribution center has been continuously improved. Compared with the traditional warehousing and delivery, the Sharjah  Distribution Center has the following five advantages:


    First,customers can save the complicated procedures of renting warehouses in the local area.


    Second, the distribution center is equipped with self-operated pickup trucks and driver laborers who are quite familiar with the company at that time. It has rich distribution experience and provides customers with the most professional and practical third-party warehousing and distribution services, eliminating the need for customers to buy pickup trucks and take a large expenditure.


    Third, the self-developed ERP information management system allows customers to open the computer and connect to the network anytime and anywhere to clearly know the inventory and historical records, and to export orders online and offline to achieve the best distribution plan for customers.


    Fourth, lower than the traditional warehouse delivery and more reasonable storage and distribution costs, cost savings, provide a variety of charging methods, customize the most suitable storage and distribution cost model for customers.


    Five, CITITRANS warehouse is equipped with advanced equipment: a full set of heavy-duty shelves, heavy forklifts, narrow lanes, ERP information management system, all-day electronic monitoring, infrared alarm system, full tray storage, etc., to ensure efficient logistics operations.


    CITITRANS integrates the above resources wholeheartedly, and operates the entire logistics chain by professional and experienced warehousing and freight logistics management personnel, which providing customers with one-stop service from the local market of the UAE to the door, and third-party logistics outsourcing services to open the UAE market for you. Good all-round support.

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