The first cross-border logistics company in Morocco that provides door-to-door is established!

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Date: 2019-07-05

After nearly three months of intense preparations

The first chinese cross-border logistics company to provide door to door service in Morocco

YIBANG International Logistics LLC 

Formally established at the end of June 2019!

The Moroccan branch is affiliated to the CITITRANS Logistics Group, focusing on the domestic shipping ports to Morocco,including: 

FCL door to the door

LCL door to the door

Air cargo door to the door

B to C small parces services

 Future product services will also be more diversified, such as shipping LCL Shuangqing to the door to fight, local warehousing and distribution, e-commerce BBC and other services are also in preparation.

Import customs clearance is a difficult point in Moroccan trade

As is known to all, it is very difficult for Moroccan goods to enter customs clearance. It is the biggest pain point for local Chinese merchants. The difficulty in customs clearance is mainly reflected in:

1. Customs uses European import standards, quality inspection is particularly strict, and the application process for special certificates is complicated. Almost all goods are subject to quality testing, and some items need to be tested in the laboratory.

2, the customs system has a specified value for each type of goods, and the customs has been sent to do market research, to update the price of goods. The declared value of the goods cannot be lower than the value of the goods in the customs system.

3. Customs customs officers have great authority over the value of goods. The same goods may be identified as different customs codes and are identified as different value. Eventually, the tariff fluctuations are very large, and the customs clearance time is very slow, resulting in high monthly detention fees.

4, all goods need to be truthfully declared, the quantity and weight can not be biased.

The first Chinese cross-border logistics company to provide door-to-door

It is a challenge and an opportunity. As the first Chinese logistics company to provide door-to-door in Morocco, CITITRANS International Logistics Group Moroccan Branch has provided a package tax clearance service through cooperation with a customs clearance company with strength and government background.

Our strengths are:

✔ Cooperate with customs clearance companies with strong and government background, stable and efficient;

✔ We are very familiar with the quality inspection of goods.We can provide all-round guidance to ensure the smooth passing of quality inspection, and can handle various special quality certificates;

✔ You can give the best commodity value declaration proposal, avoiding excessive tariffs and excessive customs declaration.

Into Morocc

We have a certain stereotype for Africa. Hot, poor, and war have become synonymous with Africa. Obviously, Morocco are deeply impressed by such imprints, but the reality of Morocco breaks through people's imagination. In Forbes magazine's 2018 “Best Business Environment Country” ranking, Morocco ranks 55th among 153 economies and is the best doing business in the Maghreb and North Africa. Many people have discovered Morocco, a market full of potential.

Superior location

Morocco, a coastal Arab country in northwestern Africa, where  is at the junction of the African continent and the European continent, where the military is in a position to fight, and economically. Moroccan products usually go in and then go north to Italy or Spain, then to the European continent; to the south to the African continent. Morocco's land is small, but the volume of imports and exports is amazing. Casablanca is the largest city and a major port of Morocco ,also it is an important financial centre in Africa.



Population and language

The total population of Morocco is 32 million, and the proportion of people under 34 is 64%. The everyday language of Morocco is Arabic and French, and Spanish is also popular in cities like TANGIER, where Spanish immigrants are more numerous. In the streets of Morocco, the house numbers are almost always expressed in French. With the popularity of higher education, English is more widely mastered.


Strong and stable macroeconomic environment

Morocco’s middle-income developing country is the fifth largest economy in Africa and the third largest economy in North Africa. Since 2003, the Moroccan economy has maintained steady growth. According to data from relevant UN agencies, Morocco is one of the seven countries with the least debt burden in Africa.

Although the Moroccan economy has slowed down since 2017, the overall economic situation in Morocco seems to be relatively stable, and the International Monetary Fund predicts that GDP will increase by 3.2% in 2019. A gradual improvement in the business environment and infrastructure base, the gradual liberalization of local currencies, and increased investment in export-oriented industries will drive the growth of the Moroccan middle class.

Consumption level and purchasing power

Morocco’s economic aggregate ranks sixth in Africa and North Africa ranks third. The main economic data for 2016 are as follows: Gross domestic product: US$10 billion. Per capita GDP: $3,076. The above data shows that the purchasing power of Moroccan residents is at a high level in Africa, and the products are marketable.

Moroccan port and shipping company

Morocco is a world-famous port city. All ports are located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

CASABLANCA is the main port of Morocco, followed by PORT TANGIER, and finally AGADIR, with the largest throughput of CASABLANCA.

China to CASABLANCA, the shipping company with the highest transportation share is MAERSK/SAFMARINE, followed by MSC, then CMA/ EVERGREE/COSCO/ UASC.

From China to PORT TANGIER, the customer's first choice is MAERSK/SAFMARINE, followed by CMA. Others also have shipping companies, but customers choose less. TANGIER is a free trade port, so many sensitive goods are usually shipped to TANGIER, or foreign customers can only request to call through TANGIER and not through European ports. This is also why, in recent years, more and more customers have chosen TANGIER for one of the reasons.

At present, China to TANGIER, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shanghai, SAFMARINE / MAERSK are direct flights, this is the best choice for short sailing requirements.

From China to AGADIR, the customer's first choice is MAERSK/SAFMARINE, followed by CMA, and finally MSC. Other shipping companies currently have no service.



Which goods have a market in Morocco?

Morocco imports mainly organic electrical products, machinery and equipment, tea and coffee, knitted products and steel products from China. According to the data from January to June 2017, mechanical and electrical products and textiles accounted for 42.5% and 15.6% of Morocco's total imports from China. The variety of goods imported by Morocco from China has been increasing, and the growth rate of imports has been rising. Morocco has been an important economic and trade partner of China for many years, and the future cooperation prospects are also very broad.

In addition, furniture, transportation vehicles, chemical fibers, glass products, footwear products, optical instruments, etc. are also one of the main products imported by Morocco from China.



(Morocco imports from China from January to June 2018)

Located on the northwestern tip of Africa, Morocco is the gateway to Europe, Africa and the Americas. It also occupies the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean and is a must for China to enter Africa. The Moroccan culture encompasses European and American cultures and Arab culture. The Moroccan market has spread to 1 billion people in Europe and Africa, and has signed free trade agreements with 56 countries. The Chinese government supports enterprises to 'go out' and 'go into Africa', and Morocco will become an important stop for China-Africa trade.

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