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In 2000, Cititrans's headquarters was established in Shenzhen.

In August 2004, it obtained the approval certificate of the Ministry of Commerce and became the national first-class freight forwarder.

In November 2005, the IT Information Department was established. Independent research and development of professional and efficient ERP logistics software.

In the second half of 2006, we established self-managed bulk warehouses in Guangzhou, Yiwu and Dubai, and launched door-to-door bulk-package services.

In May 2010,Cititrans obtained the qualification of NVOCC,with the approval of the Ministry of Transport.

In 2005-2012,Cititrans became the most influential international freight forwarding company in China-Middle East route in seven years.

In August 2012, a warehouse distribution center was established in Dubai, Cititrans was developed from a simple freight company to a modern logistics company.

In November 2012,Established Saudi Jeddah Co., Ltd. marks the implementation of the strategy of the Middle East.

In May 2013, established a branch in Dubai Jebel Ali Free Zone, self-operated bonded warehouse, and extended the strong cargo transportation capacity of Cititrans Middle East through Dubai to all of Middle East Africa and some European countries, providing customers with one-stop integrated logistics solutions in the Middle East. Program customization and implementation services.

In July 2014,Cititrans developed its second-generation ERP information management logistics system to ensure the smooth integration of different departments in different cities, which led to more intensive management, lower operating costs and improved service capabilities. Enhance the core competitiveness of the company's entire platform.

In 2015, Qingdao, Xiamen and Lianyungang offices were established.

In 2016, the Kenya branch was established.

In 2017, the Bahrain and Oman branches were established.

In March 2018, Cititrans established the E-Commerce Logistics Division,which included air freight clearance and overseas return warehousing services. Based on the background of the great transformation of the trade structure in the Middle East, relying on the business advantages of Cititrans's 18-year international transportation agent, we will speed up the layout of e-commerce logistics services.

In September 2018, the E-Commerce Division was established, and the self-operated e-commerce logistics system was opened from beginning to end.  

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